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Dr. Moses Malong, vice president of the Israel Institute of Technology in Guangdong Province, came to our company with a fearlessly hot summer day and opened a short and meaningful technical lecture. Chairman Luo Qingqing, deputy general manager of Wan Songzhou, manager of the company’s various departments and technical team and others cordially received Vice President Ma Long.


During the lecture, Vice President Ma Long first watched our promotional videos, learned about our main products, sheet machines, cup making machines, and molds; Chairman Luo Qingqing personally introduced the advantages of products and plans for future development, and warmly invited Vice President Ma Long. The principal discussed the existing technical problems and bottlenecks of our company on how to apply Israel's advanced innovative technology to the development of Cheng Cheng technology.


The two sides conducted a series of in-depth discussions on how to apply Israel’s advanced innovative technology to the development of the Cheng-Tech technology, and conducted interactive communication on the aspects of information, resources, personnel training, and technology of the two parties.


It is reported that Vice President Ma Long from Israel has extensive experience in the field of engineering system development, scientific research and global technology business development. Vice President Ma Long launched his own views and discussions on the problems of our technical R&D team. This will undoubtedly become a channel and platform for the integration of the Dacheng Technology R&D team's resources into world-class standards.


Vice President Ma Long first affirmed the leading advantages and technology of our company in the machinery manufacturing industry, affirmed the accumulated experience accumulated by our technical R&D team, and also issued our own suggestions; it is recommended that our company increase investment in technology research and development. , and distribution of services to develop after-sales service. And put forward our own opinions and opinions on the intelligent automation of our machinery manufacturing industry.


After the assistance of Vice President Ma Long and the Israel Institute of Technology in Guangdong, it is believed that the development of our company in the machinery manufacturing industry will be more advanced, leading technology, and the "Made in China, Tatsu Technology" will be around the world! !


Finally, members of our company took pictures with the vice principal of Ma Long and invited him to visit us again.

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